YogaLean is proud to partner with Purium and Wellness FX to bring a well balanced holistic lifestyle program to individuals. Learn more about these amazing products below:


About Purium



Purium is like discovering the perfect combination of an organic Farmers Market and a beachside smoothie bar.


Purium has mastered the art of phytochemistry (the rejuvenating benefits of plants). By studying the ancient arts of Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Amazonian herbs, the shamanic healing arts of Native Americans and other traditional aboriginal practices, Purium has captured the most potent whole food plant extracts from around the globe to repair your body at the cellular level. These herbs have been revered for thousands of years for their purported ability to support the naturopathic principle that “the human body is capable of creating and supporting perfect health if given the proper tools.”


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About Wellness FX




WellnessFX™ is a breakthrough web-based service that empowers individuals to understand and improve their health in a personalized and engaging way. By combining direct-to-consumer access to advanced blood tests, phone consultations with progressive health practitioners, and intuitive online data tracking, our customers are able to identify and reverse potential health risks long before symptoms appear.


With WellnessFX™, you get direct access to advanced biomarkers to measure your cardiovascular, metabolic, hormonal, and nutritional health with a simple blood draw. Then you choose a health practitioner for a phone consultation to answer your questions and get actionable, personalized recommendations for improvement.


WellnessFX™ is dedicated to providing you the tools and team you need to optimize your health.


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